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Ongoing Projects

2 IT R&D companies

Our ongoing projects include two ICT companies focusing on R&D activities that are co-financed by the European Union and the Hungarian Government.Companies under management have a cumulative Y2013 revenue over € 2,5 million, and they are involved in the following sectors: ICT Research and Development, energy conservation, business development consultancy, PR and Sales and marketing services.

Mathematical Optimization Technology

Optrans is a comprehensive end-to-end IT solution for carrier and transportation companies. The software is flexible and configurable to match specific fleet tracking needs. It is capable to quickly and efficiently replace old, labor-intensive fleet management systems and as a result saves 10-20% on total transportation costs.

  • Mathematical optimization assessment, process analysis: Our business analysts translate the logistical or business problem for our mathematicians, who mathematically model it, by using classic operational research methods, and then having transformed it back to the business problem, we present the proper freight planning processes transparently to the customer.
  • IT assessment: The process analysis is complemented by an IT audit, by which we examine how the company currently supports daily processes, and in the given environment, which are the areas eligible for support.

Medical Image Processing

The technology currently under development is an automated computer aided diagnostic (CAD) system, which is able to evaluate the progression and the occurrence of given diseases from X-ray/CT/MR/SPECT images using pre-defined medical scoring systems.

By the unique combination of image processing, data mining and medicine, this solution:

  • provides an accurate diagnosis,
  • gives faster results and
  • is objective, reproducible and eliminates human error.


A client with modern picture and sound analysis technology that can also automatically provide triggers based on sounds or pictures within live broadcast, allowing connected content to be broadcast over the internet or Telco networks to end users. Based on the existing competences and know how, we offer the following solutions:

  • Modern picture and sound analysis algorithms together with the analytic capacity of modern hardwaremake it possible to recognize picture and sound patterns, and provide extra content for the viewers
  • Customized mobile applications for online service providers
  • Intelligent advertisement tracking on TV channels
  • User content moderation: searching and filtering logos and brand signals not authorized for use in uploaded photos and videos
  • Creative solutions for advertising agencies based on logo and signal recognition

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Deep Mining

A company that developed the DBS (Deep Mining Business Intelligence Software) is an innovative Business Intelligence software, a revolutionary data-mining algorithm family that supports decision makers to make the most optimal choices by analyzing the timing of transactions.The biggest advantage of DBS is that it is able to analyze not only the behavior of a client but also the rhythm of this behavior. Building on this, the software is able to find new connections and derivative data from the available statistics providing value for the business in question. Every event that has an analyzable time horizon and represents valuable data for the business can be included in the analysis (e.g. the rhythm of communication, payment rhythm, the rhythm of purchases, etc.). Thus, this innovative software can be a huge asset when it comes to client management, sales, controlling, risk assessment, loan assessment, marketing, business and product development.

Marmorstein Bakery

Marmorstein Bakery is one of the most, prestigious Hungarian bakeries whose breads are handmade and the whole preparation and baking process is based on the old, traditional method. The products are baked in wood-fired oven, using natural sourdough as a leaven agent and the best ingredients to guarantee long lasting breads of the best quality. The bakery was established in 2010 as a family business and by 2013 the small factory has reached its full capacity.

The owner realized that to be able to fulfill the market needs and organically grow the business, developments were critical. He decided to engage Pro-Cresco Ltd in a consulting capacity. After performing a thorough audit of the present business and evaluating market demand we have also verified the potential for growth. The next step was creating a multi-step business plan incorporating multiple options for financing and listing the possible avenues to realize the prospective growth in the market. After a careful review of options the owner decided to apply for funding at the Széchenyi Capital Fund.

We officially represented the company during the negotiation phase and the funding process is almost complete as of today. It is highly likely that out cooperation will remain close during the actual implementation of the development project where we expect to provide further financial and business consulting.

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Roosevelt 7/8 Loyalty Program

As a modern and innovative office building, Roosevelt 7/8 / (Bank Center) has launched the Roosevelt Loyalty Program in 2013 June, which offers promotions and benefits at various service providers inside and outside the building. The strategy is based on the concept that although Roosevelt 7/8 is located in a prestigious area of the Budapest Central Business District (CBD), today’s competitive market situation compels office buildings to offer more than just good location and premium office space. The aim of the program is to find nearby companies, service providers and shops that are operating according to the high standards of Roosevelt/ (Bank Center) and are open to offer special discounts periodically or long term to the employees of the Roosevelt building (Bank Center). The number of partners is growing dynamically every month providing more and more value to the program.

Pro Ducatio also handles the marketing and the PR activity of the program like press releases, a periodical edited newsletter, media monitoring and news conferences.

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