Pro-Cresco is a company focusing on business development, product development, corporate turnaround, reorganization and consulting. In the past six years we have successfully completed numerous projects in sectors like education, medical technology, IT or healthcare. At the same time we have built up a considerable network of professional relationships.

We aim to create value with well researched and result oriented solutions in order to improve business operation and strengthen business efficiency.

The services we provide include:

  • Business Development
    o Complete Financial Service
    o Interim Management
    o Innovation Capability Management
    o Crisis Management
    o Mediation
    o Corporate Turnaround
    o Reorganization
    o External Financing
    o Representation
  • Product development
    o New product development from the conceptual phase
    o Production Process Management
    o Product Launch to market
    o Life Cycle Management

The services are in harmonious co-operation with the activities of Pro-Ducatio.


Pro-Ducatio was founded as a spin off to the previous activity after it became obvious that a separate, dedicated marketing and sales function was warranted. Today Pro-Ducatio is a technology focused marketing and sales agency based in Budapest, working with the best in class professionals in all areas of marketing. At Pro-Ducatio we offer specialist support in strategic business planning, we develop practical marketing concepts and organize operational sales activities. Our aim is to support innovative companies in general PR, product development and product roll out, resulting in successful international market presence.

Marketing & Sales is a creative endeavor, but it also can be a highly rigorous discipline. Pro Ducatio’s unique capabilities in econometric analysis and scientific approaches allow us to deliver significant, measurable value to leading firms.

Many businesses struggle with devising ways to effectively market their business to prospective clients. The guarantee of the quality of our services is based on our international partner network which we provide reliable answers to the questions beyond Hungary and our main activity.

Within the marketing sector, our specific service offerings include:

  • Market/ Industry Research
  • Strategic corporate communications consulting

o internal and external communication

  • Management Consulting
  • Coordination of Media Relations

o organizing press events, press cabinet construction to generate media coverage, media monitoring and competitor analysis

  • Complete management of ATL and BTL campaigns
  • Event – and conferences organization
  • Organization of training courses

o individual and group media training, crisis communications training, stylistic training, business coaching, team building, training protocol

  • Market Development Strategy

o Foreign market entry facilitation

The services are in a harmonious co-operation with the activities of Pro-Cresco.

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